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Workplace behaviour and client communications are the heart of your business. Harmonise the team. Strenghten the relationships. Increase your performance.

Using the DiSC toolkit, we deliver personal development, team-building, targeted recruitment and smart marketing.

For Individuals

DiSC consultation and mentoring for personal development.

Team Building

Improve communication between colleagues and clients.


Target the best candidates with role-specific DiSC analysis.


Apply DiSC techniques to your marketing and proposals.

Know More

The DiSC® model

Years in use
Core behaviours

The DiSC model defines four styles of behaviour. Originated in the 1920s, it is now one of the most widely used workplace behaviour toolkits. Easy to use and with clear, practical outcomes, it reduces workplace friction and enhances client relationships, as well as improving recruitment and marketing communications.

Secret garden
Find your peace

Understand others' communication styles and how to talk their language.

Sunny cloud
Find your inspiration

Learn how to be a better manager and how to get through to that difficult client.

Illuminated path
Find your path

Apply DiSC across your business for better teams, stronger relationships and smarter hiring.

The process and the purpose

How it works

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Business experience

Worked as a manager and director in demanding business environments. Experienced in owning businesses in the UK and Asia.

Qualified DiSC trainer

Completed DiSC certification in 2011 and used it privately and in business ever since. Customers consistently report that it is accurate and useful.


Helping people be the best they can be is a privilege. I work to build confidence and improve communication skills, as well as sharpening decision-making.

Communication is power

Making a connection quickly and easily is a powerful enabler. Fixing difficult relationships makes everything run smoothly. Why live with the inefficiency of poor communication?

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